How Can I Help?

You Can cityseminarysealfinalSponsor a Future Reformed Pastor!

In response to God’s calling in my life, I am now in preparation for full-time pastoral ministry.  I am currently attending City Seminary of Sacramento, and working through my pastoral degree program (Bachelor of Divinity).  Once I graduate, I will be eligible to take a licensure exam with the R.C.U.S. and Lord willing – receive a call to ministry.  This is where I need your support.

You Can Help Me Attend Full Time!

Recently, I took inventory of my progress in seminary, and found that after two years of schooling, I still have five years to go!  This is not due to the length of the B.D. program, but because I am only able to take a few classes per semester.  In addition to working full time, providing for the household, and raising my five little blessings (plus one on the way!) I have been taking classes all year round.  The reason I’ve made such little headway is that I can only afford to attend part time.

My goal is to reverse the pattern and increase the progress by working part time, and attending seminary full time.   With your support, I can take more classes, and graduate in less than half the time.

You Can Partner With My Church!

And here’s the good news.  In addition to receiving available scholarship funding from City Seminary, the elders of my church have made me a very gracious offer.  They have agreed to match the monthly donations of my family and friends who pledge to lend their support!  This means that any gift you give will automatically be doubled.

kids-on-the-runBy God’s grace – through the generous giving of friends like you, my educational and ministerial goals can be successfully accomplished without jeopardizing the well-being of my wife and children.  Your  partnership will ensure that from now until graduation day, I will always be able to make ends meet.

Above all things, remember that ultimately your giving is not to me, but to the Cause of Jesus Christ, and to the advancement of his everlasting Kingdom.  Therefore, may God Himself return your kindness and generosity many times over –  even as He promises in His Word.

Here’s How to Help!

I am asking you to partner with us by monthly donations, or by a one-time gift of any amount.  In order to do so, you can give directly through my church.  All you need to do is specify that you are giving toward the “Liberati Seminary Fund.”  Covenant Reformed Church is located at 2020 16th Ave. Sacramento Ca. 95822.

Thank you for being an answer to our family’s most earnest prayers!

With Heart & Mouth,
Paul Liberati